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The Art of Natural Living

King celebrates the effortless luxury and understated beauty of materials formed by nature. Step in and surround yourself

with a timeless collection of natural wool, linen and leathers. Discover the Art of Natural Living.




Living with natural materials brings true comfort. Grounded and pure, natural fibres strike a gentle balance of texture and touch, calming the mind and giving us space to exhale. The classic longevity of leather, the resilient softness of wool, the casual ease of linen - singular in their character but connected as an expression of the authentic Australian lifestyle.

As we redefine the way we live, understanding the materials we bring into our homes has taken new meaning. We strive for comfort without the cost. We look for choices that serve both ourselves and the planet.



The Natural Materials Collection underscores the King commitment to supporting the farmers, producers and artisans

who transform the raw materials that nature gives us into the luxury we live with every day.

A true miracle of nature, wool is good for the body and kind to the environment. The King wool collection

is produced from Australian wool. Discover the gentle luxury of living with wool.

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Healthy for the home • Natural and renewable • Australian wool

Woven from the fibres of the flax plant, the history of linen stretches back to ancient Egypt.

The King Linen Collection is sourced from Belgium yarn, considered by many to be the best quality in the world.

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Belgian linen • A sustainable crop • Cool and relaxed

Treasured through the centuries for its natural beauty and durability, leather ages gracefully with time. King sources only the

highest quality leathers from leading tanneries in Italy and Germany, each renowned for their use of time-honoured traditions.

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European leather • A natural by-product • Longevity and comfort

King Rug Collection

Inspired by the formation of sand dunes, the King rug collection mimics the natural patterns of wind-swept sand.

The collection has been brought to life in a series of unique visual narratives, distinctly inspired by the brand vision and the Australian rugged landscape

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