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General Questions

Can The Covers Be Changed?

Yes, the covers are individually tailored and can be completely removed or replaced. King Living customers from years past will have their sofas re-covered, changing from fabric to leather, moving to a new seasonal look or perhaps just for a general refresh. The furniture is still as comfortable as the day they bought it. Re-covering makes a change and the furniture is just like new. To arrange to have your covers replaced, contact the King-Care® Service Team on 1300 546 422.

Can the display and configurations be changed?

Absolutely! You need flexibility in your furniture. Friends come and stay. Your needs change. What is comfortable for one person doesn’t suit another. Or you’d simply like to rearrange the whole look of the room. King Living designs were created specifically to provide the flexibility you’re looking for. 

The engineered steel frame provides the base. Then King Living’s sofa options step in. You may prefer the modular flexibility of the Delta II, the cushioned comfort and flexibility of Concerto or the rearrangement possibilities of the Jasper. Some models even include clever hidden storage compartments. 

And when you rearrange King Living sofas, they never look ‘unfinished’ because King Living sofas were designed from the ground up to be infinitely flexible.

Does King Living Offer Pre-Approved Finance?

Yes, we can offer pre-approved, interest-free finance online before you shop*. 

A Once Line of Credit facility makes paying for your purchase easy and affordable.

You don’t have to pay a deposit. You get a complimentary Once Visa debit card and 24/7 online access to your account. You can then use it at King Living and a wide range of Once retailers and merchants.

It’s simple to apply online:

  1. Choose single or joint application
  2. Receive a decision in seconds
  3. If approved, you will receive a welcome confirmation email
  4. Visit a King Living Showroom to complete your purchase. You will need to present the welcome confirmation email and a form of identification such as a current drivers licence.  

A Once Line of Credit facility can give you access to promotional offers such as interest free at participating Once retailers and merchants. Where an interest free period applies, no interest is payable on the amount of the purchase during the interest free period. Pay the balance in full before the interest free period ends and you won't pay any interest at all on the purchase.

What’s more, you can also re‐use your account for other interest free purchases in‐store or online.

FAQs regarding Once Interest Free finance

How much can I borrow on interest free finance?

Finance, for online purchases, is usually available for any amount between $500 and $12,000 (subject to lending criteria).

What promotional offers are available?

The current promotional offer is 24 months interest free on purchases above $500. Please check from time to time for new promotional offers. To take advantage of this Interest Free promotional offer, your total purchase amount must be more than $500. This can comprise more than one item.

Is there an establishment fee?

Yes. There is an establishment fee of $49.00 and this fee is debited to your account once it has been established and forms part of the outstanding balance. This is a one‐off fee and there is no need to re‐apply to take advantage of subsequent promotional offers.

What happens after the account is established?

Once your account is established, you will receive a Welcome letter from Once, and if eligible, you will also receive a Once Visa Debit card which will give you access to your account.

Are there any monthly or annual fees?

There is a monthly Account Keeping Fee of $4.95. There is no additional ongoing or annual fee for the Once Visa card. It is issued free of charge.

What is the Once Visa Debit card?

If eligible, you will be issued a complimentary Once Visa Debit card upon establishment of your account. The Once Visa card provides easy access to your funds – shop online, overseas or over the phone ‐ wherever Visa is accepted.

In addition you can also withdraw cash from your account at any ATM* or via EFTPOS.

*No ATM withdrawal fee will apply if you use a rediATM, NAB ATM or BoQ ATM.

What is the Annual Percentage Rate?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applicable will be specified in the Credit Offer. This is the rate that will be charged for Visa transactions and purchases using the Once Visa card, as well as cash advances and withdrawals. If an interest free period applies to your purchase, then NO interest will be charged on that particular purchase for the duration of the interest free period. After the interest free period expires, interest will be payable on any outstanding balance at the APR.

Can I apply?

You can apply if you are:

  • 18 years of age or over at the time of application
  • Currently employed and earning at least $30,000 gross p.a.
  • A permanent Australian resident
  • Not a discharged or current bankrupt
  • No current Credit Defaults or outstanding Writs or Summons

What do I need to complete the application?

Before you start your application, please ensure that you have the following information handy:

  1. Your residential details (including mortgage/landlord details if buying, renting or boarding)
  2. Your financial details (including income, existing loans and debt)
  3. Your employment details (name and phone number)
  4. If self-employed, your accountant’s name and contact phone number
  5. Driver’s license details (if you have one)
  6. If approved, you will need to electronically identify yourself using either your Australian Passport or Foreign Passport with an Employment Visa. If you do not have a Passport, then you will need your Driver's Licence and Medicare Card. This also removes the hassle of you having to provide documentation to us and thus allowing you to purchase and pay for your selected goods immediately without any delay.

Why do you need my Passport or Medicare Card details?

This is a security measure put in place to identify you correctly and protect your identity.

How do I apply?

  1. You can buy now using interest free finance. It’s easy, hassle free and completely online.
  2. Select all the goods you wish to purchase, then proceed to the shopping cart and click on ‘Apply for Finance’ on the Payment Options section.
  3. Complete the application form, which should take no more than 10 minutes and you will obtain a decision within 60 seconds.
  4. If approved, you will need to electronically identify yourself using either your Australian Passport or Foreign Passport with an Employment Visa. If you do not have a Passport, then you will need your Driver's Licence and Medicare Card.
  5. Confirm your purchase and that’s it.

Click here to visit our online shop.

What happens next?

Once you have confirmed your order an initial amount equal to 25% of the total cost of the purchase, will be debited from your account to secure your order.

Upon delivery of the goods, the remaining amount will then be debited from your account.

When is my first payment due?

The first payment is due one (1) month after the account is established. This occurs when the initial 25% down payment is made.

When does my interest free period start?

The interest free period starts from the date the account is established.

I have not received my furniture. Why am I being asked to pay?

As your purchase was financed in its entirety, monthly repayments are required. If you have not received your furniture when your monthly repayment is due, then the repayment will be based on the initial drawdown amount of 25%.

How often will I get my statements?

A statement will be issued to you on a monthly basis approximately two weeks prior to the payment due date. You may receive your statement by email if you prefer.

How can I make a repayment?

You can complete a direct debit form and select monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments free of charge. Alternatively you can also pay via cheque, BPAY or POSTbillpay (phone, online or at any Australia Post). Payments made by methods other than direct debit will incur a fee of 1.95.

What is the minimum repayment required?

Contractually, the minimum monthly repayment required is only 3% of the outstanding balance of the account or $40.00, whichever is the greater. Making only the minimum monthly repayment will not pay out the purchase within the interest free period.

Can I make extra repayments?

Yes, at your discretion. There are no penalties for early termination or additional repayments.

How can I obtain a Credit Limit Increase?

Applying for a Credit Limit increase is easy. Simply call us on 1300 661 505, Mondays to Fridays from 8.30am to 5:30pm (Sydney time), and our friendly Customer Service team can assist you with a limit review.

Can I view or access my account online?

Yes. You can manage your Once Line of Credit 24/7 by logging into Once Online Access at www.onceonline.com.au using your Customer Number that we provided and the password that you selected during the application process. You can access your statements, view your transaction details, account balances, available credit and transfer funds using electronic funds transfer (EFT). There is no charge for this service.

I am an existing Once customer and currently have a MyBuy account. Do I need to re‐apply?

No. If you already have a MyBuy line of credit account, then you do NOT have to re‐apply.

If you have already registered for Online Access then to proceed with the interest free purchase:

      •   click on ‘Apply for Finance’ on the Payment Options section once you have selected your goods, and

      •   log on as an Existing Customer using your customer number and password

If you have not yet registered for Online Access, simply register your details by calling us on 1300 661 505, Mon ‐ Fri between 8.30am and 5pm (Sydney time) or email talk@onceonline.com.au. Once you are registered, you can start shopping! You will need your customer number and the password you selected during the registration process.

I am an existing Once customer and currently have a Once Bill Credit or Personal Line of Credit account. Do I need to re‐apply?

Yes. If you only have a Once Bill Credit or Once Personal Line of Credit account, then you will need to re‐apply.

Once is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s leading providers of simple, convenient and commonsense financial services. This is largely due to a wide variety of products and services including home loans and insurance. Visit www.onceonline.com.au  to find out more.

*Available to approved applicants only. Terms, conditions, fees & charges apply, including a one-off establishment fee of $70 for new applicants. Interest currently at 19.95% pa, is payable on any balance outstanding after the interest free period. Finance is provided by Once Credit Pty Limited ABN 99 112 319 632, Australian Credit Licence 386194. Once Credit is brought to your by FlexiGroup Limited ABN 75 122 574 583.

How Good Is The Leather?

Not all leathers are the same and it can be difficult to tell at first glance whether the leather used is high quality or not. Some leather is corrected or split leather where the natural character has been removed. On some leathers, marks are covered up with plastic filler and pigment pain, which can crack. 

All King Living leathers are genuine, top quality European leathers. The colours are tanned into the full thickness of the leather so, with proper care, your King Living sofa or chair will last a lifetime.

Here is more information on how you can identify your leather: 

Aniline Leather

This leather is the most natural looking of all leathers. Actual surface grain and markings are always present and indicate genuine leather character. These leathers have very little or no protective treatments applied. Aniline leather provides maximum comfort and is luxurious to the touch. Slight colour variance and natural characteristics such as scars, folds or horn injuries are not quality defects – they are markers of top quality leather.

Corrected/Buffed Leather

This group of leathers has corrected grain where the top surface of the hide is buffed, like a sanding process to remove most imperfections. A new ‘grain pattern’ is then stamped onto the prepared surface. A uniform colour is achieved through the application of numerous layers of pigment.

Nubuck Leather

The leathers start as aniline but are then brushed or sanded to create a velvet-like texture. The brushing opens up the surface creating the soft texture that also makes it more absorbent and susceptible to external wear-and-tear than other types of leather. Nubuck is not to be confused with suede which is the underside of the hide.

Suede Leather

Suede is aniline leather – the underside of the hide. The surface is brushed to create a beautiful, soft, absorbent, surface texture. This treatment, whilst creating a luxurious effect, means most prone of all leathers to external wear and tear.

For more information on King-Care® and King-Care®'s cleaning product click here. 

Is There A Guarantee?

Of course. King Living offers an unconditional, written, 25-year warranty guarantee on the steel frame along with pro-rata guarantees on other parts and finishes. 

What Does King Living Do To Help The Environment?

King Living has been environmentally-friendly since we started making furniture in 1977. As well as using ‘green’ materials such as CFC-free foams and selecting biodegradable packaging materials, we design our furniture to last a lifetime. This minimises the amount of unwanted, unrecycled furniture in landfills around Australia. Click here for more information on how we help protect the environment at King Living.

What Quality Fabrics Are Available?

King Living only offers premium fabrics, many of which are exclusive to King Living. This takes the guesswork out of choosing a great fabric that will stand the test of time. 

All the fabrics offered by King Living have been extensively tested for seam strength and resilience in the face of normal wear and tear. Our fabrics not only look great and feel amazing, but they also stand up to the toughest conditions. Click here for more information. 

Our experienced Showroom staff can help you choose the right fabric for your lifestyle, personal style and existing décor.

What is the difference between Carrara Marble and Emperador Marble?

Carrara Marble is quarried from Northern Italy, and is a white marble with fine grey feathering and veining as the most distinguishable features. Veins can vary from light to dark grey, and may cover a small area or the entirety of any marble piece. 

As a natural product, surface appearance and patterns will vary from piece to piece and we cannot guarantee any particular surface pattern. 

Small pores and surface irregularities may be present in Carrara Marble, and are not seen as defects, but rather an indicator of a high-quality, genuine marble product. These unique features are what marks marble as a luxury product. 

Emperador Marble is quarried from Spain, and is a rich, brown coloured marble with abundant light veining and commonly features calcite, which appears as white banding. Veins can vary from very fine and delicate to more significant and the quantity of calcite within any piece of Emperador Marble can also vary.

Natural ‘voids’ and surface irregularities may be present in Emperador Marble, and are not seen as defects, but rather an indicator of a high-quality, genuine marble product.

What is a Magic Joiner?

Magic Joiners have been designed to connect to most modular King Living furniture. Reconfiguring your modular King Living furniture is made simple by the Magic Joiners, which use magnets to attach to King Living’s unique galvanised steel frame.

This process is as easy as placing the furniture in the configuration that suits your needs, and attaching the Magic Joiners underneath to hold it in place.

Magic Joiner sizes vary depending on the model of your King sofa.

See below for size requirements.

M80AndreaM115HoudiniOM75Delta Outdoor

King Cloud
Grand Houdini
Jasper Outdoor

King Cloud II
M95Delta Storage
Concerto CurveOM85Delta Outdoor


Kato Deluxe

Oscar II



Carousel Soft
Baby Jasper

Carousel Classic
Pronto Flexi

Delta II

Care And Maintenance

How Do I Care For The Fabric Or Leather?

To protect your new King Living investment you should maintain it regularly. Click here to find out more on how to maintain your fabric or leather so that it retains its good looks and performance.

King Cloud II Customer Troubleshooting FAQs

Click here to download King Cloud II Troubleshooting guide

Charging Table Instructions

Click Here to download the Charging Table Instructions 

Neo Deluxe Customer Troubleshooting FAQs

Click here to download Neo Deluxe Troubleshooting guide

How do I care for Timber?

As a natural product, timber can feature variations in the grain, which add to the style and personality of this material. No two trees are exactly the same.

Natural materials like timber are also vulnerable to expansion and contraction from changing temperatures. King Living recommends placing timber furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid warping and discolouration. 

Regular cleaning and dusting will help to keep the surface in top condition. Polish once a month with a proprietary brand of furniture polish to protect the surfaces and nourish unsealed timber. Be sure to test polish on an unseen area before use and follow application instructions carefully.

Do not use polishes containing silicon or products that leave a greasy film, and avoid general cleaning products on timber surfaces. To minimise scratching timber surfaces, avoid dragging objects across the surface.

How Do I care for Timber Veneer?

As a natural product, timber veneer can feature variations in the grain, which add to the style and personality of this material. No two trees are exactly the same.

Caring for timber is just as important as caring for fabrics and leathers. Gentle dusting with a clean microfibre cloth will help maintain the beauty of your timber veneer. King Living also recommends placing your timber veneer furniture away from excess heat and/or humidity, which may cause the veneer to crack or warp as it expands and contracts due to temperature variations.

Keeping your timber veneer furniture in pristine condition by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or ultra violet light, which may cause discolouration or deterioration of the surface. Also place protective padding between the timber veneer and any object placed on it. This should be thicker for heavy, hot or abrasive objects that may severely damage the wooden surface.

To minimise scratching the timber veneer, avoid dragging objects across the surface. We also recommend not writing directly on top of timber veneer surfaces as pen or pencil marks may show.

Clean any spills immediately, do not allow nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume or strong corrosive solvents to come in contact with the timber veneer, and do not use any chemicals, detergents or any product containing silicon to clean timber veneer.

What's in our products?

What Goes Into The Cushions?

King Living doesn’t take shortcuts and our cushions are no different. King Living use only the latest technology, high resilience CFC-free foams that will outlast and outperform conventional cushioning.

We also use a soft feather blend in special applications for added comfort and a welcoming, casual look and feel.

Depending on the design, King Living cushioning features KingCell® Pocket Springs, multi layered HR foams and soft feather blend overlays. Soft feather blend forms to the shape of the body while the KingCell® Pocket Springs provide long lasting support and durability.

What Is The Seating Made From?

King Living uses a remarkable seating system in all designs. This is the Postureflex® Seating System with seat suspension that supports the body perfectly and maintains the true lines of the furniture. This is the same system used in luxury European cars.

Different King Living designs use different ways to create the final look and feel of the cushions, such as the Kingflex™ system, multi density, high resilience, CFC free foams and feather blends.

Why Does King Living Use Steel Frames?

We use engineered, galvanised steel frames for strength, flexibility, individual support and lasting comfort.

Delivery Options

Does King Living deliver to my area – I live overseas?

King Living delivers to any area in Australia and worldwide. Our standard delivery routes include Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney Metro areas. Please see our Express and Deluxe delivery options. Please contact your nearest King Living Showroom for non-metro areas within Australia or export@kingliving.com.au for international deliveries.

What if I think I have a difficult access?

For a small fee we can arrange an access check before your order is confirmed to ensure the furniture you have chosen can be delivered without any problems. Difficult deliveries may incur a higher delivery charge. Please contact the Despatch Department on 1300 005 464 or via email despatch@kingliving.com.au. 

How long until I receive my delivery?

King Living sofas are made to your specifications and delivery time is between 6-8 weeks for Metro areas, which include Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Delivery to regional areas may take up to 12 weeks. Please note this delivery timeframe may vary due to high demand, occasionally resulting in delayed shipment. Please contact despatch@kingliving.com.au for further information. You will be advised of an approximate date of arrival at the time your order is placed. Should a delay occur, you will be contacted.

What if your delivery schedule does not suit me?

We can arrange an outside furniture carrier to deliver your furniture at a precise day/time. We can obtain a quotation for you on request. Please contact the Despatch Department on 1300 005 464 or via email despatch@kingliving.com.au for more information.

Will I be notified prior to delivery?

You will be contacted a few days before your delivery to confirm delivery details and given an approximate delivery time.

What if I need to delay my delivery date?

This can be organised by contacting a King Living Showroom or the Despatch Department on 1300 005 464 or via email despatch@kingliving.com.au.

Is full payment required prior to delivery?

Delivery is made by outside contractors who cannot process payments. For this reason we ask that you pay for your furniture in full prior to delivery. This can be organised by contacting a King Living Showroom or the Despatch Department on 1300 005 464.



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