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  • Every home has a piece of furniture that someone just can’t bear to part with. In this case, it was a 23 year old King Living Trafalgar sofa.

    The comfort and quality of a King Living sofa will often out-live the style originally chosen.

    Tricia from Perth, the owner of this classic sofa, decided to re-cover her King Living Trafalgar with new fabric for a modern update King Care.  Re-covering was the best option for Tricia as she loved the quality and comfort of the Trafalgar sofa. 

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  • A sofa is central to the living space, not only as a showpiece of design and décor, but also as a functional part of your home’s everyday environment.  It has to stand up to the demands of life’s daily routines and special events. 

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  • Spring has sprung and now is the perfect time to give your most used and best-loved King Living leather sofa a good spring clean.  Here we share 5 top tips on how to keep your leather furniture luxurious and beautiful.

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  • At King Living, we offer a selection of the most luxurious leathers in the world, from True Touch to Viva, each one beautiful in look and feel. We only work with the best European tanneries, each renowned for their use of time-honoured traditions. All of our leathers are drum-dyed, allowing the colour to permeate through the leather, for enduring durability and style.

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  • Take a moment to look over your much loved King Living sofa. Is it looking a little worse for wear after a summer of entertaining, family gatherings and school holidays?

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