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15 August 2014 - News

From August 16 to September 12, 2014 our Showrooms will showcase new season style, drawing on the latest trends in design, fabrics and finishes emerging.

Our dedicated team of stylists has created a series of exclusive packages to enhance every corner of your home, including popular combinations, features and accessories, as well as brand new King Living designs to make living spaces more comfortable, flexible and beautiful. 

Having trouble visualising how a design will work in your space?  From the lounge room to the dining area and bedroom, we have captured interior scenes in a new lifestyle catalogue to bring out your inner interior designer.  Pick up a catalogue in any King Living Showroom or browse through it online here. 

Integrate a new trend into your home by customising furniture to suit your personal style.  That’s exactly what our designer sofas are all about. 

Add a pop of luxurious colour to a sofa or chair with the striking new Mayfair Peacock fabric, created by our in-house textile specialists.  It’s perfectly in tune with the colours and textures currently trending.

Hexagonal patterns, such as King Living’s cocoon fabric, tan leathers like our Casalina cognac or the softness of Oxford wool felt also form part of the vast upholstery collection. 

Attention to detail and elegant finishes can define a sophisticated interior. Look for subtle piping that outlines the profile of a sofa, or introduce the stylish effect of a perfectly tufted cushion.

Timber has a naturally warm and calming presence in living spaces. Embrace the new direction of sofas and tables designed or trimmed with rich, dark timbers such as American Walnut. 

While trends naturally change, classic, award-winning designs will endure.  

Be inspired by our new King Living Catalogue and visit one of our Showrooms to explore the possibilities.

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