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Living Spaces with Steve Cordony

18 Sep 2018 |  Inspiration

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Living Spaces with Neale Whitaker & Steve Cordony

The Australian lifestyle places great emphasis on entertaining and enjoying the great outdoors. With its agreeable climate and spectacular natural beauty, it is clear why many Australians have an affinity with nature and entertaining family and friends at home. Outdoor living is an integral part of the Australian lifestyle, flexible furniture allows you to transform your outdoor living area allowing you to create the perfect space for any occasion.

“Part of the luxury of living in Australia, we have such an amazing environment to live in, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior is so easy. We can afford to be more relaxed and outside you can be a bit more free."

Steve Cordony

Add a sense of luxury and personal comfort to your outdoor living space with modular and flexible outdoor furniture. The contemporary design and modular flexibility of the King Cove provides multiple configuration options, allowing it to be re-arranged to suit every outdoor occasion.

The simple but rhythmic weaving patterns of the King Rope Quay Chairs paired with the King Cove Dining Table allow you to connect the indoors to outdoor. While the Delta Outdoor III Circle Sofa provides the perfect place to curl up and recline in comfort, creating the perfect outdoor sanctuary.

Neale says “For me the three keys to great outdoor furniture are; flexible and versatile design, blurring the lines of indoor/outdoor living, looking stylish whilst withstanding the elements.”


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