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Introducing the Issho Dining Table

07 May 2020 |  Product spotlight

Introducing the Issho



An exploration of versatility of form

The raw and instinctive design of the Issho Dining Table will captivate any discerning guests, inviting them to savour and indulge in the craftsmanship, and usability.

Introducing Issho

Meaning ‘together’ in Japanese, the Issho reflects the individual fins coming together to form the base, as well as the social element of dining tables as the cornerstone of our home where people come together.

Introducing Issho


Archetype of modern minimalism

The Issho is the archetype of modern minimalism. It is an exploration in the versatility of form, presented in a series of 'fins' that form a sculptural base both distinctively beautiful and functional.

Moulded in rigid structural foam, the lightweight fins are crafted in such a way that allows for great formation flexibility. Each individual fin can connect to the tabletop in upwards, downwards, front and back facing positions; each of the four positions dramatically transforming the structure’s sense of volume and space.

Introducing Issho

Crafted from sustainably sourced American timber the details and timber veneers make for a visually complex aesthetic that enhances the sense of refinement found in the Issho table.

The circular design seats six people very comfortably, but settings can be shuffled over to seat eight or more. It is available in the standard timbers; Congo, American Walnut, Smoked Oak.

Introducing Issho

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