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Introducing the Hugo

24 Apr 2020 |  Product spotlight

Introducing the Hugo



Minimalism reigns supreme

The new Hugo Sofa is contemporary in its design and inspired in its execution. It combines both luxury comfort and flexibility into a compact footprint.

King Living's latest Australian design brings striking aesthetics and understated elegance that are the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Minimalism reigns supreme with the Hugo and is designed to deliver comfort and storage capabilities in a beautiful and structural silhouette.

Introducing the Hugo


The ultimate modular sofa

King Living is famous for its modular and storage sofa options that provide the ultimate in personal comfort and practicality. Without compromising on comfort, the Hugo conceals large storage underneath its deep seats, making it easy to store away items when they are not needed.

Introducing the Hugo

The seats of the Hugo sofa are supported by King Living’s King flex suspension while being constructed from both high resilience and memory foam layers around King Cell pocket spring. The slender arms and back of the Hugo sofa are completely modular, made from laser cut steel frames padded by a soft Ultradown fiber fill but supported by the in-built King flex suspension. Hugo is the ultimate modular sofa.

Introducing the Hugo

King Living is known for designing and manufacturing contemporary, award-winning quality furniture. Designed for style and engineered for comfort, every single King Living furniture piece is designed to make your home more comfortable, liveable and beautiful.

The Hugo Sofa by King Living is an exciting addition to the existing product range and offers exceptional comfort and flexibility with its modular capabilities.

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