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The Importance of a quality mattress for sleep


A quality mattress isn’t just about comfort. A good night’s sleep is essential for your wellbeing, energy levels and general health. And the foundation of a good night’s sleep is a high-quality mattress. 

A good mattress can be the difference between waking up feeling refreshed and energised versus tired and lacking energy. A good mattress helps you sleep in comfort, supporting your body while it goes through the important work of sleep. 

We explore how your mattress affects your sleep, the importance of a good mattress for a good night’s sleep and introduce you to the King Living Sleep+ Mattress. 


Featuring the Promenade Storage Bed and Sleep+ Mattress.


The benefits of sleeping on a good mattress 


If you’ve ever slept on a poor quality mattress, you’ll know the feeling of tossing and turning to try to find a comfortable position. You wake up tired – often also with an aching back – and struggle to get through the day. Sleeping on a mattress that’s too old, too soft or too firm can lead to a host of problems that negatively impact the quality of your sleep. 

On the other hand, a high-quality mattress that’s supportive and comfortable can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling rejuvenated. A quality mattress will contour to your body's natural shape, alleviating pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. This allows your muscles to relax and your body to enter into deeper, more restorative stages of sleep. 


Fearturing the Bellaire Bed and Sleep+ Mattress.


The link between sleep and health 


Sleep is critical to health. When you sleep, your body performs essential functions like muscle repair, memory consolidation and hormone regulation. Consistent, quality sleep is what your body needs to function at its best. This is what makes a quality mattress so important.  

Everyone suffers from the odd night of bad sleep. But studies have linked prolonged lack of sleep to a number of health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Researchers have also found that insufficient sleep can even make you more susceptible to catching the common cold due to impaired immune function. 

When you prioritise sleep – specifically, quality sleep – you’re investing in your overall health and wellbeing. You’re giving your body time to rest, refresh and recharge, all things it needs to do for optimal health. 


Fearturing the Bellaire Bed, Lume Smart Light and Sleep+ Mattress.


Sleep quality and daily life 


When you wake up from a poor night’s sleep, you’re not at your best. You can persevere to get through the day but you’ll really feel it when the afternoon slump hits. 

During sleep, your body isn’t only going through a process of physical rejuvenation. Your brain is also hard at work processing the events and emotions of the day. And it’s storing new information in your memory to create new neural connections. 

When you don’t get enough quality sleep, you may find it harder to focus, learn new things and remember important information. You’ll likely be tired, irritable and even short-tempered. 

A good night’s sleep allows your body and brain the opportunity for the rest and repair it needs, leaving you with more energy and mental clarity. This can translate to better concentration and performance. 


Featuring the Promenade Storage Bed and Sleep+ Mattress.


The King Living Sleep+ Mattress 


Expertly engineered to adapt to your body, the King Living Sleep+ Mattress gives you complete control to customise the comfort of your mattress. Choose from four comfort layer options and three fit covers. These sit atop the KingFlex Base – available in three different models – with individually wrapped and zoned KingCell® pocket coil springs. 

The reversible Comfort Layers – Latex, Memory, Hybrid and Premium Firm – each cater to different sleep comfort preferences. Using a combination of supportive natural latex, soft memory foam and higher density foams, the Comfort Layers provide tailored support for your body. 


Featuring the Sleep+ Mattress


The removable and interchangeable Fit Covers are designed to regulate your temperature throughout the seasons. CoolFit® draws heat away from the body, WarmFit® includes an internal electric blanket and AirFit® optimises air circulation and breathability. 

Perhaps you like a firm mattress and you tend to overheat in your sleep. Or maybe you find it hard to warm up through the night and like to sleep on a softer mattress. No matter your sleep preferences, you can customise the Sleep+ Mattress to suit.  

Another great benefit of having removable layers is the option to machine wash for easy cleaning. We shed countless dead skin cells every night which attract millions of dust mites. Keeping not only bedsheets but also mattress clean is essential to a healthy bedroom. 


Featuring the Bellaire Bed in Ashton Seamist.


Rest easy with King Living 


A quality mattress and sleep go hand in hand. Invest in your sleep with the Gold Design Award Gold winner, the Sleep+ Mattress.  

Explore the complete Sleep + Mattress range and customise your comfort for the perfect night’s sleep.  

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