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Furniture for small spaces to maximise space without compromising style


Styling small spaces requires thoughtful design to create a room that feels open and inviting without sacrificing the elements that make it comfortable and stylish. This often means choosing multifunctional furniture or selecting pieces that visually enlarge the space through design and colour. 

Across the King Living Collection you’ll find versatile furniture for small spaces. Our collection celebrates modular design, offering the flexibility to reconfigure your furniture to suit your lifestyle needs. 

In this article, we explore the challenges of small spaces in different rooms around the home. We share small space styling tips along with key pieces from the King Living Collection. 



Featuring the Delta Coast Sofa in Sorrento Whitewash, Issho Side Table in Congo and Bongo in Prestige Palomino.



Living room


A small living room needs to balance comfort, functionality and aesthetics, which is tricky to achieve if you’re short on space.


Modular Design


The key challenge with a small living room is that you ideally want it to be a multifunctional space but without feeling cramped. This is where a modular sofa, like the Delta Coast Sofa, shines. 

The Delta Coast Sofa is truly modular, allowing you to easily reconfigure the sofa in endless ways to suit the needs of the space. Configure the modules as a sofa by day and then arrange them into a sofa bed when guests come to stay. This gives you complete flexibility to convert the room into a guest room when required. The arms of each module are also removable to help create the illusion of more space in the room.

Delta Coast is available in the machine washable fabrics for added ease, or choose from any of the premium fabrics and leathers from the King Living Collection. The relaxed, coastal look makes it perfect for creating a tranquil and welcoming environment.

Simple decor and accessories will keep the space clutter free. Try combining a small side table of coffee table like Issho with a Bongo Ottoman to create a versatile space and extra seating. A rug will complete a space and visually enhance it by adding texture, colour, and warmth. In living rooms, the rug should be large enough to fit under the front legs of your furniture, creating a cohesive look.


Featuring the 1977 Sofa in Tempest Natural and Caramel, and Myco Side Table.


Curved silhouettes


In a small living room space, a grand sofa can make the room feel even smaller. The challenge with furnishing a small living room is to balance the proportions of the sofa with the space available. Curved furniture is ideal for small spaces as it helps to create flow in the room and open up the space. 

The 1977 Sofa is a reimagination of the original King Living sofa design. With its organic curves and modular design, the timeless style is the perfect sofa for a small living room. Choose from different modules in a range of nature-inspired colour tones that can be configured to suit your space. You can also pair with the bolster cushion for added support and comfort. 

When styling small spaces, a light-coloured rug, like the Antipodes Organic Rug in Natural, can help to brighten the room, making it feel airier and more spacious. Compact side tables, like the curved Myco Side Table, are an alternative to larger coffee tables, offering space-saving functionality.



Featuring the Fleur Sofa in Byron Russet, Myco Side Table, Bongo and Antipodes Rug.


Statement colours


Consider a curved, statement sofa like the Fleur Sofa in a statement colour. Choosing a statement colour for your sofa draws the eye and becomes the central feature of the room, which can help in organising the space and creating a cohesive look. 

As a small space sofa, Fleur offers a timeless silhouette and innovative design. The backs of the sofa transform from low to high, completely changing the profile and seating of the sofa. When folded down, the sofa has a contemporary low profile. When folded up, you can enjoy high-back support and deep-seated comfort. 

Try a statement colour, like Byron Russet, to inject personality into the space. To create a sense of more space in the room, position the sofa off the rug. Ottomans and side tables of various sizes and heights, such as the Bongo Ottoman and Myco Side Table, can be clustered to add visual interest. 



Featuring the Magnolia Dining Table in Onxy and Tasman Dining Chair in Dark Olive and Onyx.



Dining room 


In a small dining room, it’s about being smart about how you use the space. When choosing small space dining furniture, think beyond a small square dining table. There are options available to help you make the most of the space without compromising on your dining room aesthetic. 

The perfect dining table and chairs for small spaces are the Magnolia Dining Table and Tasman Dining Chairs. Paired together, they offer a modern dining setting, both available in a choice of three premium timber veneer finishes. Individually, they have clever design features that make them ideal for small space design. 

The Magnolia Dining Table has a reduced table width to fit into narrow spaces. It also features curved corners that help to create flow and make it easier to navigate around the table in a cramped environment. To maximise space when not in use, you can easily stack up to four of the Tasman Chairs. 



Featuring the Fleur Ottoman Bench in Prestige Saddle and Myco Side Table in Oak.




Styling a small hallway with only an ottoman bench and a cantilever side table with a simple decorative item on top is a smart, minimal, and functional choice. This approach maximises space efficiency by providing essential functions without overwhelming the area. An ottoman bench, like the Fleur Ottoman Bench offers seating without taking up much space and can serve as a convenient spot to put on or take off shoes. Meanwhile, a cantilever side table like the Myco Side Table provides a surface area without a bulky base, maintaining an open and airy fee. 

The multi-purpose nature of these pieces enhances their functionality. The ottoman bench can double as storage if it has a lid, helping to keep the hallway tidy. The side table can hold keys, mail, or other small items, adding to the practicality of the setup. Both pieces are flexible; the bench can be moved easily if needed, and the cantilever side table can be positioned as required or slid over the bench. 

A small decorative item on the side table, such as a vase, sculpture, or a small plant, adds a touch of personality and charm without overwhelming the space. The simplicity of the arrangement also means fewer pieces of furniture to dust and clean, making it easier to maintain a neat and orderly hallway. To style this setup effectively, choose coordinating colors to ensure the ottoman and side table complement each other in color and style, creating a cohesive look.


Stylish furniture for small spaces 


Flexible, modular design is an important pillar of the King Difference, ensuring that our furniture can be enjoyed in all spaces – big and small. 

Explore the King Living Collection and discover furniture for small spaces, defined by smart design, comfort and style. 

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