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Introducing the Jasper Coast Sofa: A new chapter in Jasper’s legacy



Meet the Jasper Coast Sofa. Characterised by luxurious comfort and expansive deep seating, Jasper Coast is tailored for relaxation. 

As a refined evolution of our multi-award-winning Jasper Sofa, the Jasper Coast is designed to encapsulate the relaxed elegance of coastal living while preserving the comfort and versatility that define the original Jasper. 

For Founder David King, the release marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Jasper Sofa Collection. “With Jasper Coast, we've taken the legendary design that Australia fell in love with and reimagined it in a relaxed new aesthetic." 

Here we delve into the design and discover why Jasper Coast is destined to be another hero in the King Living Sofa Collection




A lifetime of comfort 


Like all King Living Sofas, what sets the Jasper Coast Sofa apart is its meticulous craftsmanship, thoughtful design and true modularity. 

Opting for deep, pillowy seats is one of the key design choices that distinguishes both the look and feel of Jasper Coast.  

“The plush, deep seats are crafted from high-resilience foam that maintains its shape over time,” David King shared. “This design choice provides customers with an unmatched level of comfort and creates that sink-in feeling without compromising on support.” 


Jasper Coast is featured in Club Natural with the option of wireless charging and integrated gesture-control lighting.


Truly modular design 


Whether you are unwinding with a book or entertaining guests, Jasper Coast adapts effortlessly to your needs. Its modular design offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for seamless transitions between various sofa configurations and a spacious guest bed.  

Movable seats, arms, backs, and shelving embody the true modularity that King Living is renowned for, providing endless flexibility.  

“Every Jasper Sofa is built with our patented connecting system,” David King explains. “This feature allows you to rearrange seats, back, arms, and shelves with ease. It’s a perfect way to adapt to daily needs and future proof your sofa no matter where your lifestyle takes you.”


Customise your Jasper Coast with taped (left) or piped edges.


Personalise timber shelving in a choice of signature finishes.

Complete customisation 


Personalisation is at the heart of the Jasper Coast experience. 

“We understand that every home is unique, and we've made it possible for our customers to tailor their sofa to reflect their individual style and needs,” David King shared. “From the choice of fabrics to the customisable cushion edges and shelving finishes, the options are endless." 

Our extensive range of exclusive, in-house fabrics allows you to tailor the sofa to your unique aesthetic. Choose between taped or piped edges for the removable covers and select from our signature timber finishes for the shelving, which features integrated LED lighting and optional wireless charging – perfect for a completely customised lounging experience.  

The adjustable sofa skirt offers an additional layer of customisation, enabling you to refresh the look of your space with ease. 


Tailored removable covers are featured in Club Natural.


Effortless care 


In keeping with our commitment to combining style with functionality, the Jasper Coast Sofa is designed for effortless maintenance.  

The tailored covers are removable and machine washable on selected fabrics, ensuring that your sofa remains pristine for years to come. Reversible cushions further enhance longevity and practicality, maintaining your sofa's pristine appearance. 


Jasper Coast is featured in Club Natural with piped edges and Natural Oak LED Shelving with wireless charging.


Enduring support


At the core of the Jasper Coast lies our engineered King Steel Frame and Postureflex® Seating System, backed by our industry-leading 25-year warranty. This guarantees enduring support and comfort, reflecting the King Living dedication to quality and longevity. 

“The Jasper Coast Sofa is a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation and an embodiment of the modern Australian lifestyle.” - David King 


We invite you to experience the Jasper Coast Sofa for yourself, available now in King Living Showrooms and online. 

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