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Original Delta Sofa versus Delta Coast Sofa



When it comes to choosing the perfect sofa for your home, comfort, style, and flexibility are often top considerations.  

The iconic Delta Sofa has been a favourite since its release in 1988, offering unparalleled modular flexibility and comfort. However, the Delta range recently extended with the newly released Delta Coast, reaching new heights relaxed living.  

Here we compare both designs based on style, modular flexibility, comfort, customisation options, and package choices, to help you decide which sofa is right for you. 


The Delta Sofa was first released in 1988. 


The Delta Evolution  


1988 – The Delta revolution begins  

The simplicity of Delta’s modular design presented a solution of flexibility and adaptability as no other furniture had. Here was a sofa that could be configured to suit any space, changing seamlessly into numerous configurations, from a three-seater sofa to a chaise lounge and even a queen size bed. 

2005 – Rise to celebrity status  

Delta II launched in 2005, refining the best-selling design with hidden storage. Delta II gained celebrity status when it was used for several prominent Hollywood events. American’s admired Delta II for the sofa’s simplicity, comfort and flexibility. 

2011 – Delta outdoor 

The iconic Delta design extends to an outdoor collection. Finished in luxury WeatherWeave® and handcrafted by King Living artisans, the Delta Outdoor Sofa and Delta Circle brought the comfort and flexibility Delta is known for outdoors. 

2017 – Delta III redefines flexibility  

Delta III, now simply named Delta, was the third iteration of the much-loved original. The optional Smart Pocket™ design was added to offer the ability to connect smart accessories such as wireless charging tables and speaker brackets. 

2024 – Delta Coast brings a relaxed aesthetic 

The inspiration to extend the Delta range was driven by a trend towards more relaxed, flexible living spaces. Delta Coast embodies the spirit of relaxation and effortless living synonymous with the Australian way of life.   


The Delta Coast Sofa epitomises relaxed, flexible living.

The original Delta is a testament to Australian style


Design style 


Delta Sofa 

The original Delta Sofa is a timeless testament to Australian style combined with groundbreaking innovation. Free from unnecessary ornamentation, the streamlined aesthetic is at home in any modern space, catering to both compact apartments and spacious living areas, showcasing versatility in aesthetic appeal. 

Delta Coast Sofa 

Taking cues from its predecessor, the Delta Coast Sofa aesthetic is perfectly aligned with the Australian lifestyle with its laid-back aesthetic. The design focuses on soft lines and deluxe seating, offering a more relaxed appeal with slipcovered tailoring.  The skirt height is customisable and the seat cushions also include an interior zip, allowing you to have a relaxed look without the maintenance. 

The takeaway 
Both designs are inspired by the Australian lifestyle, perfectly combining form with function. If you are seeking a sleeker appearance Delta is the best option, whereas if you are looking for a more relaxed style, Delta Coast will be best for you.   



Modular Flexibility 


Delta Sofa 

Famous for its modular flexibility, the Delta can effortlessly reconfigure to suit all interiors and spaces. It can transform from an intimate setting to an expansive seating arrangement suitable for entertaining or even into a luxurious guest bed. 

Delta Coast Sofa 

The Delta Coast continues the legacy of modular flexibility, allowing endless custom configurations to match your lifestyle needs, including transforming into a guest bed. Back and arm cushions are also identicle and fully interchangeable for further customisation. 

The takeaway 

Both designs are equal in their ability to arrange into different configurations. Arms, backs and seats can all be moved and reconfigured to perfectly suit your home. Plus, both sofas offer the option to add additional modules at a later date to expand the number of seats. 


Featuring the Delta Coast Sofa in Sorrento Whitewash (left) and Delta Sofa in Roma Tan.


Comfort features 


Delta Sofa 

Delta’s components are designed to deliver a lifetime of unsurpassed comfort and support. The engineered steel frame supports the Postureflex® Seating System and provides the strong foundation that allows every King Living Sofa to be easily reconfigured. KingCell® high tensile compression springs work in harmony with Postureflex® to ensure seat cushions maintain an even firmness while Ultradown® back cushions gently envelop the body in a cocoon of luxury. 

Delta Coast Sofa 

Tailored for a more laid-back feel, the Delta Coast emphasises deluxe seating that perfectly balances support and comfort, inviting you to sink into relaxation. Delta Coast features deluxe cushions for ultimate comfort and to ensure a lifetime of support, the design incorporates the King Living Steel Frame and Postureflex® Seating System. 

The takeaway 

Both sofas are designed for long-term comfort and are fitted with the King Living Steel Frame and Postureflex® Seating System. If you are seeking sink-in comfort, the Delta Coast Sofa offers Soft Comfort seating, inviting you to sink into relaxation. 



Customisation options


Delta Sofa 

The Delta offers extensive customisation options through Smart Pocket™ accessories, including side tables with wireless charging, LED reading lights, and speaker brackets.  

Adjustable backs allow individually customised seat depths for optimum support, while the elegant legs can be fine-tuned to just the right height for perfect posture. 

The design also features generous under-seat storage options and tailored covers can be customised in an extensive range of fabrics and leathers 

Delta Coast Sofa 

With a focus on custom comfort, Delta Coast offers dual backrest positions, repositionable back and arms, reversible seat cushions for easy maintenance and a choice of bench or split cushion seats. 

The tailored covers are easily replaced for a fresh new seasonal style or removed for machine washing on selected fabrics.  

The takeaway 

Both designs offer a range of options to customise your comfort, however if you are looking for the option to incorporate smart accessories or hidden storage, Delta will be your best option. 

Package choices  


Delta Sofa 

Various packages with options for storage, smart features, and accessories, catering to different needs and space requirements. 

Explore Delta Packages 

Delta Coast Sofa  

More streamlined package options focusing on the essential configurations, including the addition of chair and ottoman modules for additional flexibility. 

Explore Delta Coast Packages 


Featuring the Delta Coast Sofa in Sorrento Whitewash


Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference in style and specific needs regarding flexibility and comfort.  

Whether you prefer the original Delta or Delta Coast, both sofas promise to deliver uncompromising comfort and flexibility tailored to the Australian way of life. 

To learn more, explore the Delta and Delta Coast online or visit your nearest Showroom to experience the designs in person. 


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