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Behind the Lens: Nick Leary Art Collection

01 Nov 2017 |  Product spotlight

King Living are proud to announce our exciting new collaboration with internationally acclaimed photographer and artist Nick Leary to create the new King Living Art Collection. King Living sought an artist who could complement their designs and explore the essence of the brand, while Leary was seeking a dynamic Australian brand with an interesting story to inspire his creativity.

It was Nick Leary’s early career as an international model which opened his eyes to photography, subsequently finding himself behind the lens rather than in front of it. With an illustrious career spanning over twenty years, Leary has accrued an impressive repertoire from fashion to fine art, shooting for Vogue, as well as celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman. Leary delved into Fine Art photography during a month long trip to Titjikala, a remote Australian Aboriginal community near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Here, Leary learnt the history of the Dreamtime, and was inspired by the natural, soulful spirit of the indigenous Australian people and the outback. Later that year, he unveiled his first Fine Art exhibition at Sotheby’s in Sydney. Leary’s passion then evolved, from which his ‘Celebrate Australia’ and ‘Wild Brumbies of Australia’ collections were born.

It was Leary’s fascination with the Australian spirit, and all things intricate and unusual, which drew King Living to the collaboration.

“ With Nick we felt we had a collaborator who understood our product and aesthetic. His work reflects the care and attention we put into all our furniture, resulting in beautiful and meaningful artworks.”

Anna Carrabs - CEO, King Living 


"Visuals that leave an imprint on the soul” – a statement which perhaps captures Nick Leary’s acclaimed photographic style, which has been carefully honed and cultivated over the years. The bespoke art series explores the journey of King Living, inspired by the innovation and craftsmanship within King’s history, combined with Nick Leary’s flair for fashion and art. Leary spent time exploring the King archives, and was inspired by the quality materials and craftsmanship of the company.

Each series within the art range subtly highlights a key physical element or design feature which plays an integral part in the innovative design and history of King Living. From photographing feathers, to the wire used for the Postureflex® support system, Leary possesses the innate ability to find beauty in a multitude of places, some whose association with beauty is all but contrary.

Whilst Leary’s imagery adorns the walls of some of the finest galleries in Australia, Leary still travels the world as a decorated commercial photographer. The collaboration delivers stylish, elegant pieces to suit a range of sophisticated interiors, and is a welcome addition to the King Living brand.

“ I feel like King had a very similar message, and those similarities just brought us together. Their craftsmanship and quality, their attention to detail, their wanting to evolve and their message of authenticity and being very Australian were things that resonated with me... It was that simple.”

Nick Leary 


Within the King Living Art Collection range are a number of stories and textures, from the luxurious feathers used in the King sofas to the modular configurations which make King so practical and unique.

Leary’s inspiration is multifaceted, here he shares his experience exploring the King Living brand;


Revamping archived designs to create something new. “These interpretations were inspired by the classic furniture patterns discovered on my journey through the King Living factory, as well as from my experience of watching suit tailors around the world creating masterpieces. There is always such precise order within the disorder of the creative space.” says Leary.”


Where texture, form and the play of light combine to highlight their distinct individual characteristics. “Each feather had not only an individual story, but a shared journey,” says Leary. “The feathers were quite simply goose feathers from within the King factory. I played with different backgrounds and different light passing through the feathers. And they just created nice, beautiful graphics that were part of the King story and little things that I felt compelled that I should shoot and make something interesting out of. And they are gorgeous.”


Finding beauty in practical movement and a variety of shapes. One of Leary’s personal favourites, the artist himself asked for one to be printed for his own home. “I found these springs on one of my exploration days within the King Living factory, they represent such an integral part of the innovative design of King Living’s furniture. Springs have an incredible design and possess the ability to move and store potential energy. It is the movement and energy captured in these images that transforms a space, making it more vibrant and alive.” says Leary.”

Modular Landscapes

A reconfiguring of shapes and the King modular concept. “Modular Landscapes is a play on the concept of the King modular sofas,” says Leary. “I had glass made up in modular shapes and experimented with ideas of being able to place images into different configurations to suit individual taste and space requirements in the same way that King designed the modular sofas. You can hang them horizontally or vertically, which is an underlying theme throughout the range.””


A light manipulation of a classic King feature to create an inspired image. “What I did was actually project light through the Posture Flex wire and created these great big patterns on a white wall. I then started twisting the Posture Flex wire and found that it…created these interesting graphics which we photographed. Projecting light and creating shadows with the Postureflex support…I worked with the interpretation of modular shapes as a theme,” he says. “I photographed individual sections, creating graphics with a sense of a journey that can be used as individual moments or as a whole story.”

Monochrome Patterns

Timeless black and white to showcase a range of classic, clean designs. Utilising the shapes of the classic King furniture patterns with added layers of texture, these bold monochromatic shapes make simple, elegant styling pieces. “I suppose black and white for me seems to be quite classic,” says Leary. “These graphics sit within a space beautifully. They’re obviously just so, for patterns from King Living.”

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Nick Leary for King Living


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