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Santorini inspired terrace

03 April 2017 -

Three Birds Renovations have been working on Lana's forever home, last week they released episode 3 showcasing the gorgeous Santorini inspired terrace featuring the King Cove. We caught up with Lana from Three Birds Renovations to find out about the inspiration behind the terrace, her top styling tips and the trends she is incorporating into her home. 

What was the inspiration behind the terrace area? 

I found inspiration for the terrace from these two gorgeous pictures (below) that I found from Pinterest. I just loved how white and beautiful they were and thought it looked so relaxing which is what I was hoping to achieve with my own space.

Why did you choose the King Cove design? 

From my home office I look straight out to the terrace so I was looking for an extra special piece for that space. I fell in love with the King Cove design because it looks absolutely stunning and suits the Mediterranean vibe of my home and I really like the ceramic shelf for drinks #ginandtonicanyone?  

What do you look out for when shopping for outdoor furniture? 

Since we don't have a roof on my terrace I really wanted to find a setting which was weather proof and would stand the test of time... and looked great too. 

What’s your top styling tip?

We always love to introduce a bit of greenery in our spaces with a potted plant, a few beautiful cushions and some drinks!

What are your favourite interior trends for 2017 and what are you incorporating into your home?

I've really embraced white on white as a colour theme in this home but then I've also added texture to make the spaces warmer and to add interest and then I've also added pops of blue which fits with my Santorini theme.  

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