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Effortlessly transition your interior for Autumn

20 March 2017 -

How would you describe the looks you've created and what the inspiration was behind them?

There’s a definite air of indulgence about this season’s throws, rugs and cushions; plush and strokable textures seem to be as important as warmth. Warming your feet into a beautiful rug, provides a feature when combined with bold terracotta accessories representative of Autumn by day leaves with the washed, gentle denim pillows and a heavenly place to keep your feet warm. 

With the cooler weather around the corner, our national team are preparing to spend more time creating toasty indoors.  Our partnership with King Living allows us access to the best selections of luxurious winter fabrics for our clients.

What is your favourite King Living design and why? 

I’m loving the King Boulevard! I love the low-slung lines of the Boulevard, putting your feet up after a long day on the luxurious range of fabrics King offer will become the warmest spot in the house. It's a classic and modern piece which is a little like me, so you can dress it up or down - which is essentially what winter is all about: layers! 

The Seymour is perfect for any room and is a timeless piece that exudes classic design, and I love that. Bold pieces that feel traditional are a winters best friend, it just adds serious style.

Describe your signature style and how you incorporate this into your work and home?

I tend not to have a signature style; I like to respond to the project or task at hand based on the needs of the client. That said I personally tend to look for pieces that are modern classics, timeless and simple. Then I like to add personality, colour, art and layers.  

What is your go to styling accessory? 

Items with meaning and purpose: books, plants, foliage specifically for winter and art. Without these items the room has no soul. 

What are your favourite Interior trends for Autumn? 

Layering, layering, layering! Cushions, throws and rugs. I am absolutely in love with the beautiful masculine feel of the King Living Encore bed.  Its slimline platform is gracefully anchored by sculpted hardwood legs and its luxurious upholstered bedhead provides a warm and cozy feel.

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