Delta Storage

Delta Storage

Discreet and generous storage

Delta Storage

Solve your storage problem in style

Modular flexibility, contemporary design and practicality come together in the Delta Storage sofa.

Delta Storage is like a self-contained guest room, providing the perfect hiding place for sheets, blankets and pillows. At night, turn Delta Storage into a comfortable bed. Or, use the handy storage space for bulky items like ironing boards and vacuum cleaners.

Meanwhile, your Delta Storage adds style and comfort to any room, with the modular flexibility to suit your space perfectly.

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Cleverly-integrated storage

Delta Storage features King Living’s famous galvanised steel frame for strength and its Postureflex® Seating System for lasting comfort.

The moveable arms, backs and tables let you create any number of configurations to suit the occasion, with optional tables and accessories to fully customise the look.

Turn the Delta Storage into a queen size bed or two single beds to keep the party going, accommodating extra guests in comfort.


  • Clean, contemporary design hides clever storage areas.
  • A combination of multi density foam, felted polyester, Ultradown® and KingCell® make Delta Storage sofa’s seats and backs incredibly comfortable.
  • The storage areas are designed to allow air to circulate, keeping linens and other stored items fresh.
  • Easy, one-handed lift reveals the generous storage spaces.
  • Angled sides to the storage areas keep them hidden, preserving the clean lines of your Delta Storage sofa.
  • Select from a range of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers.
  • Individually tailored King Living covers, so you can remove or replace them for cleaning or a whole new look.
  • King Living’s Postureflex® Seating System for strength and support.
  • 25-year steel frame warranty.

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A Point of Difference


Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed

Flexible Furniture

Flexible Furniture

Delta Storage

Leather & Fabric Options

King Living sofas are available in your choice of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers. All covers are completely removable so that they can be removed for cleaning or replaced for a completely new look. King Living does not staple covers onto frames allowing you to change from fabric to leather and vice versa and all seams are double stitched for added strength and durability. That’s why King Living conveys a sense of undeniable quality.

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The Highest Standards

All King fabrics and leathers are of the highest grade and best quality, find out why our materials are the best.

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Quality & Innovation

King Living is famous for quality. That’s because King Living uses nothing but the best materials and technology to create the designs that were developed by King Living’s Australian in-house designers.

  • KingCell®

    King Living is a recognised leader in seating technology. Since 1977 King Living designers have been developing innovative ways to add comfort and durability to their award-winning range of seating products. King Living’s Postureflex® Seating System has been updated and enhanced with the new KingCell® Pocket Springs.

    More About KingCell®
  • PostureFlex®

    The Postureflex® Seating System provides the correct support for the human body. The Postureflex® Seating System is the similar to that used in many luxury European car brands. It supports the body perfectly and maintains the true lines of the furniture for many years.

    More About PostureFlex®
  • Steel Frame

    Not all steel frames are the same. The King Living steel frame uses high grade steel that is precision cut for accuracy and welded. Spot welds are applied to key stress and weight-bearing areas for additional strength. It’s the steel frame that gives King Living sofas their renowned flexibility, even letting you configure them into beds. The King Living steel frame comes with a 25-year warranty.

    More About Steel Frame
  • Space Saving

    Space saving options are becoming more important whether you are a couple living in an apartment or a family living in a house. King Living is famous for its modular and storage sofa options that provide the ultimate in personal comfort and practicality.

    More About Space Saving
  • Warranty

    King Living creates high quality furniture with durable materials. Our attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship means we can offer our customers ongoing peace of mind. For example, we offer a 25-year warranty on all our steel frames.

    More About Warranty
  • Tailored Covers

    Since 1977 King Living have created covers that are perfectly tailored for the sofa or chair. King Living does not use any staples, so the covers are completely removable. Replace them for a change in look or remove them for easy cleaning.

    More About Tailored Covers
  • Hydraulics

    With clever storage compartments built into many of our sofas, it's a comfort to know you don't have to work out to be able to lift up the sofa or bed to access the space. Easy-lift hydraulics are just like those used in hatchback cars and just as simple to use. You can access the storage compartments with just one hand.

    More About Hydraulics